Find Peace with Food and Your Body

We take our clients on a journey away from emotional eating to being at peace with food and the physical body

Help your clients discover how they use food to meet their emotional needs, and how to reach for more fulfilling alternatives instead. 

The workshops teach gentle strategies on how to eat intuitively, step out of old habits and patterns and discover who we are beyond negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and the untrue stories that keep us stuck. 

The workshops are designed to evolve your relationship with food and yourself to a place where you don't need to feed, soothe, or avoid anything.  

This workshops are not about judgment but instead focuses on implementation, intuition, self-trust, self-love, and the beauty of our own inner guidance, which can be trusted. 

What Is Finally Free™ All About?

The Finally Free Intuitive Eating and Empowerment Workshops give participants the tools to separate physical hunger from emotional hunger. We empower our clients to overcome food guilt, and shame and break free from emotional eating, and eliminate shame-based food rules from their lives. Participants learn how to honor their hunger and satiation cues, and how to trust their body. 

Millions of Americans attempt to change their lifestyles every year, but more often than not, that change isn’t sustainable. These dieters typically cannot maintain their positive results because the lifestyle changes they attempt are based on judgment, guilt and shame. 

Finally Free breaks the emotional connection to food. It's not good or bad--it’s cause and effect. This workshop series focuses on rejecting the diet mentality, unwinding habits and patterns, and self discovery, so clients become Finally Free to choose the life they desire.   

"With every step, you are enabling participants to recognize their resources, tap into their strength, change their mindset, and find those fulfilling alternatives that truly will bring them to a place of being at peace with food and their bodies. I so appreciated that this was not a typical willpower driven, deprivation riddled, scale focused approach and instead helps people connect with their deeper whys and what kind of life they want to live—and then achieve that reality! Your webinar trainings and comprehensive manuals were accessible, clear, and provide a stable platform for participants to be successful teachers of the Finally Free workshop.”

~ Mallory Acosta, NTP Senior Student Experience and Curriculum Quality Manager Nutritional Therapy Association, Inc.

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