About Finally Free

Ready to let go of negativity and shame around food? Dani Brooks and her workshop team can help you dig to the core of your emotional attachments to food, discover a new level of self awareness, and become Finally Free to live your best life.

Our Mission

 To use our relationship with food and ourselves as a vehicle for self-discovery and transformation. 
To help others discover who they are beyond negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and untrue stories. 

To way-show love and teach that you are enough right now. You are loved right now. This truth lives in people’s heads as thought, and many people never feel it in their hearts. We take the participant on a journey of self-discovery from the head to the heart. From this place, there is no need to feed, soothe, or avoid anything.

To provide a foundational platform of self-awareness and love.

About Finally Free™ Instructors

We are teachers who cultivate transformation within our communities. We have a passionate dedication to our work and each other. We are suns with a mission to each light a thousand more suns for global impact.  

We help people step into their personal power and discover who they are beyond negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and the untrue stories we tell about ourselves. 

We awaken others to the truth that we are all whole, complete, and so very worthy.

Our goal? To help one million people make peace with food and their bodies and live the life of their dreams. 

We believe beyond negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and untrue stories, we are Finally Free to live authentically, joyfully, and experience ourselves as we truly are. 
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About the Finally Free™ Workshops

Finally Free is a series of workshops designed to help people overcome emotional eating, eat intuitively, resolve inner conflict, overcome fear, and step into their inner power and authentic selves. 

There are 7 weekly workshops and 10 monthly workshops. After the initial 7 weeks participants have shared, grown together and bonded with each other. Many will want to continue and transition from weekly workshops to monthly workshops. This gives the nutrition professionals continuity of income, while facilitating long term growth, expansion, and evolving the way we relate to food and our bodies. 

These workshops are designed to take participants through The Six Phases of Lasting Change and guide them to place where they are at peace with food and their bodies.

The workshops help us realize who we really are beneath the chaos of our thinking minds, limiting beliefs, and human emotions. There is no judgment here. Only a focus on growth, honesty, and a sincere desire to facilitate and evolve.
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About Danielle Brooks

Author of “Good Decisions… Most of the Time,” Danielle is a best selling author, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Clinical Herbalist, Transformational Teacher, Professional Speaker, Mentor, and Spiritual Guide.  She founded a wellness center in 1994 and has worked in the health care field for over two decades. She sold her company and launched Good Decisions Finally Free™ with the intention to be a sun that lights a thousand suns for global impact. She uses our relationship with food and ourselves as a platform for self discovery, self-awareness, and transformation. 

She is a mentor and a guide who teaches nutrition professionals how to overcome their blocks to success; how to be effective health coaches, and grow their businesses by cultivating relationships within their medical communities. She hopes to elevate global consciousness and evolve how we relate to food and our bodies. 

Dani offers both instructors and individuals one-on-one mentoring sessions to overcome negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and move beyond powerful emotions and embedded patterns that keep us stuck. Danielle is a member of The American Herbalists Guild, NTA, NANP, and the Association of Washington Business.
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About the book that started it all...

Good Decisions Most of the Time 
... because life is too short not to eat chocolate

We’re busy nowadays. With work, kids, extracurriculars, and more taking up time in our schedules and space in our brains, it’s no wonder that nutrition often falls to the wayside. Not only that, but the amount of information out there about wellness and health can be overwhelming to say the least. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Making healthy and satisfying choices don't need to be time consuming or difficult. Best selling author Danielle Brooks saw this struggle in her clients, and wrote “Good Decisions…Most of the Time” as the antidote. 

This book--a combination of delicious recipes, fun nutritional nuggets, and cooking tips also touches on a main issue in our society today--why weight loss is not about willpower. 

Good Decisions delves into the psychology of food, and has the potential to transform your relationship with food, and yourself, one delicious bite at a time!
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