Off To The NTA Annual Conference

The Sun Seeking Begins!

As I pack up my car with all the banners, tablecloths, books, and flyers I think of how the Finally Free Workshops got started and where I am today. If you asked me two years ago if I would be teaching teachers, lighting suns and saving planetary resources while waking people up to the truth of who they are I would have laughed!

Life is funny this way. Just when we think we are most lost is often when our greatest adventure begins. In the workshops we teach The Hero's Journey. We teach that it is normal to feel lost or confused when we aren't listening to our inner guidance or are afraid to go where life is calling us.

We also normalize challenge for our participants because... well, challenge is just a part of life. Just when you think you have reached a plateau something arises to kick us in the shin to keep climbing. So, we do. We might think we have a choice, but really we don't. We can choose to stay stagnant and suffer, but eventually that shin kicking gets annoying and propels us to take action.

The beautiful thing about taking action, is that when we listen to our inner guidance, our intuition, or our inner voice, the action we take is a quality action and we intuitively know that if we follow it, it will take us closer to ourselves.

When we don't listen to our inner voice and listen to those around us, often the journey we take is not our own and it's dissatisfying.

Authenticity I believe is what arises when we listen to that voice and do what it tickles us to do. When we trust that voice amazing, wondrous things happen. When we trust that voice we trust ourselves, and this is a beautiful thing that leads us down the path of self awareness, self appreciation, and self love.

I used to hide who I am. I used to worry about what others thought, how I looked, and whether I was good enough to do what I was doing. That was a very worrisome existence.

This weekend I will shine the light of who I am brightly. I will radiate my wholeness, my completeness, my authentic and unique beautiful light. And whoever picks up what I'm laying down will be the first of many generation of suns to come.

I am a sun, out to light 1000 more suns. I have used our relationship with food to create a platform for self-awareness, self-realization and unconditional love. In the process the Finally Free Tribe will save planetary resources. Yet, that is nothing when compared to our ability to elevate global consciousness and change how we relate to food and ourselves.

I am so excited to be on this journey! If this excites you too, join me! If your intuition is tickled right now and your inner voice is telling you, "Take inspired action!" Take action. Become a sun and step into the truth of who you are. Then show others how it's done.

This weekend I will be at the Nutritional Therapy Association's annual conference: Thrive. I will be at booth #40. If you are there swing by for a hug. You never know, you just might catch fire!

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