Tracking the Impact of Finally Free™

About so much more than "eating right," Finally Free provides a platform of self realization and unconditional love. We teach how to overcome negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and become Finally Free to discover who we are and what we really hunger for in life.

A Sun that Lights a Thousand Suns

The mission of Finally Free is to give participants the tools to experience the unique beauty that lies within them. We way-show love and return our participants to knowing that they are, and have always been, whole, complete, and so very worthy. 

We help others find their unique inner radiance and to shine brightly in all situations in life--not just those around food. Because when we radiate love, positivity, and joy into the lives of others, they cannot help but radiate it into the lives of those they meet--and the impact becomes exponential. 

We become a sun that lights a thousand suns.
Suns Lit & Lives Transformed

What Participants Say About Finally Free™

I really enjoyed the “Finally Free” workshop, and Wilma is a great instructor and coach! I appreciate that she has helped me to look past the simple desire for food (and other things) to underlying emotions and beliefs, and has given me tools to counter them. It’s also great to learn how to properly prepare some foods that I love...

~ Donna K., Maryland

I am lighting my own sun first, in every aspect of my life I am seeing changes that I will be able to share with others on their journey. This has been the most amazing journey of my life... I am so grateful to be Finally Free!!

~ Traci Harrell

The Finally Free Principles, really can set one free from a lifetime of unhealthy choices. It makes the process easy...Traci and I now celebrate with healthy activities and special treats that are not food related. It's very exciting!

~ Natasha Sealey

Sugar, sugar, sugar - that's all I wanted when I started working with Wilma. The Finally Free "No Sugar Challenge" was very difficult for me, but Wilma was so encouraging and supportive that I did it! It was't easy, but it has ben 55 days and I am feeling better than ever. The timing for this workshop could not have...

~ RL in Seattle

When I started, I just didn't realize how far I still had to go with sugar addiction. I learned how to look at my food better and figure out how to manage portion size and quality of the foods I was eating. The Finally Free program has wonderful exercises that help engage the learning process. The workshop teaches you how...

~ Natalie Gough

I thought the course was very useful in becoming more knowledgeable and food aware. I feel better prepared to make healthy choices and positive changes in myself, my responses and my attitude. The classes and interaction with others in the group was useful and reinforced that we all face similar issues and learn from each other. Wilma, I appreciate your...

~ E. Olinger, Seattle, WA

When I signed up for Wilma Shaw’s “Finally Free” workshop, I was suffering from heartburn almost every day, felt sick and tired after most meals, and found myself at the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. Other than cutting ties with emotional eating, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the workshop, but I am so incredibly glad...

~ Andi Lucas, Edmond, WA

When I started Carla’s course, I was feeling extreme ‘diet fatigue’. I was super tired of counting calories and carbs and whatever else. Carla’s course was different. Her approach to food was wholesome. Her approach to how to deal with the emotional weight we carry around about food was even more so. What I’ll take away from this course, is...

~ Penni B.

My life has been changed by leaps and bounds with each week’s information, stimulating me onward and upward toward a new self image. The information has been well documented and presented in a way that is stimulating and even could be defined as exciting. I would recommend this workshop highly! Perhaps the real value outside of core information has been...

~ Tanie White
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What Our Instructors Say About Finally Free™

I signed up to be an instructor for Finally Free because I was looking for a way to bring lasting change to my clients, increased business income and new one-on-one clients. The workshop Dani has put together provides all of that. I am now able to better support my clients with strategies that set them up for a life time of Good Decisions. Additionally, Dani provided the templates and experience necessary to reach out to the medical community in a strategic way that will continue to support my clients and business goals. I’ve taught two workshops thus far and am now in the maintenance phase with two separate groups and loving it! I am also using the new strategies in my life as well as with my one-on-one clients. I highly recommend becoming an instructor for Finally Free. You really get everything you need to fill and lead successful workshops, changing lives for a lifetime. 

-Wilma Shaw, NTP, BCHN™

The Finally Free program offers a platform for me to unlearn old habits and responses that are no longer serving me. To identify them, accept them, find gratitude for them, and then practice who I really want to be in the world. I believe that how you do one thing is how you do everything and that becomes your practice....

~ Shannon Lee Nickerson

Since I Founded Finally Free I have grown exponentially. I have learned the beauty of collaboration, co-creation and am using my superpowers to reflect beauty, ease suffering and create a platform for self realization and unconditional love so we all can ALL experience the beauty and majesty that is who we are.

~ Finally Free Workshops

Finally Free helps people access the tools deep inside that the didn't even know they had. The program gives people time, space and support to "do the work". If you commit to honoring yourself this program is life changing.

~ Lauren Bohi

I truly believe this will be a game changer for my nutritional business. I have been impacted by emotional eating myself and the tools in Finally Free really can set someone free from the cycle of trying to fulfill ourselves emotionally through food. It has already helped me with some of my triggers and I look forward to teaching it...

~ Susan Rachouh

Finally Free is an empowering and insightful experience. Through this program you will learn key strategies and skills to harness your ability to make fruitful and lasting changes to help optimize your health and wellbeing!

~ Sierra Thompson Nordquist

The Finally Free Program is a life-changing experience. It's not just about providing tools to set one free from emotional eating (although it definitely provides everything needed to set one free from a life-time of inconsistent choices)... but it's so much more than that. I have found that my life choices, in every aspect of my life (personal relationships, career,...

~ Traci Harrell

This course is chock full of incredibly helpful tools for everyone. They are easy to learn, very applicable, and will definitely change your relationship with your SELF and with food. It's better than therapy, and more than a nutrition course. You will graduate from the workshop feeling empowered to make better choices by getting in tune with your emotional needs...

~ Carole Layton

Well structured, motivational and easy to follow.

~ Heather Hanson

The missing piece to popular diet trends that focus on short term goals often ending in yo-yo dieting. It takes the shame and guilt out of eating while addressing the stories we tell ourselves with the intention of shifting beliefs to a more positive mind set that ends with us being finally free of habits that no longer serve us.

~ Carrie Reilly
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