Tracking the Impact of Finally Free™

About so much more than "eating right," Finally Free provides a platform of self realization and unconditional love. We teach how to overcome negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and become Finally Free to discover who we are and what we really hunger for in life.

A Sun that Lights a Thousand Suns

The mission of Finally Free is to give participants the tools to experience the unique beauty that lies within them. We way-show love and return our participants to knowing that they are, and have always been, whole, complete, and so very worthy. 

We help others find their unique inner radiance and to shine brightly in all situations in life--not just those around food. Because when we radiate love, positivity, and joy into the lives of others, they cannot help but radiate it into the lives of those they meet--and the impact becomes exponential. 

We become a sun that lights a thousand suns.

What Participants Say About Finally Free™

My life has been changed by leaps and bounds with each week’s information, stimulating me onward and upward toward a new self image. The information has been well documented and presented in a way that is stimulating and even could be defined as exciting. I would recommend this workshop highly! Perhaps the real value outside of core information has been...

~ Tanie White

I recommend ‘Finally Free’ to anyone who wants to lose weight easily while enjoying healthy food and implementing positive lifestyle change. Wilma Shaw both teaches and practices healthy eating and living. Her expertise throughout the workshop and her individual consultations is matched by her passion. I also liked being part of a small group because we learned from each other...

~ D. Vail, Seattle, WA

Going through this with Anthea was a beautiful, almost spiritual, experience for me. Not only do I understand the science and physiology of different foods now, but I also want to be healthier. By healthy I mean the way I eat, my thoughts, my use of my time, and my own wholeness. These workshops have enlightened me and brought me...

~ Colleen P.

his workshop allowed me to have a different outlook on my lifestyle and my choices I make everyday. It allowed me to develop a more positive relationship with the thinking voice in my head. I have tried a lot of “diets” in the past and the common factor that didn’t allow me to keep pursuing that “diet” was it wasn’t...

~ Jamie

This workshop has really made the most positive impact in my life, and I can see myself continuing this lifestyle (not diet)! I’ve struggled with weight for most of my life. I’ve tried every diet, restricting calories/increasing exercise, cutting out carbs, even diet pills, and nothing worked, nor was it sustainable. I thing the real difference between this workshop and...

~ Alex G.

I can move better and have less joint pain. Had to put two more holes in to make my belt smaller. Never really looked at the food I was eating to see how much sugar and carbs I was eating. After no sugar challenge, I found that I was not as hungry and did not need to eat as much.

~ Alan
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What Our Instructors Say About Finally Free™

I signed up to be an instructor for Finally Free because I was looking for a way to bring lasting change to my clients, increased business income and new one-on-one clients. The workshop Dani has put together provides all of that. I am now able to better support my clients with strategies that set them up for a life time of Good Decisions. Additionally, Dani provided the templates and experience necessary to reach out to the medical community in a strategic way that will continue to support my clients and business goals. I’ve taught two workshops thus far and am now in the maintenance phase with two separate groups and loving it! I am also using the new strategies in my life as well as with my one-on-one clients. I highly recommend becoming an instructor for Finally Free. You really get everything you need to fill and lead successful workshops, changing lives for a lifetime. 

-Wilma Shaw, NTP, BCHN™
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