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Suns Lit & Lives Transformed

The Finally Free program is a wonderfully unique program that has been a great blessing to me and my practice. There are so many lessons and activities you can use in group and individual settings that will aid your clients in overcoming the obstacles that get in the way of their success. I have received amazing support for myself and my business. I highly recommend this program to my colleagues and clients.

I'm a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Health Educator who loves helping women and children become happier and healthier. My clinical expertise is on the gut-brain connection and providing support for improved gut and brain health. I help clients navigate health challenges by uncovering the hidden stressors that keep them stuck in patterns of dysfunction. We then work together to facilitate change using nutritional therapy and mind-body techniques. My mission is to educate others about the healing power of real food and real love so we can all experience resilient health.

In the search for the "perfect" food, life-style and sense of well-being, plus the ongoing quandary of stopping a sugar addiction never quite attained for nearly 12 years, this 7-week deep dive brought together many pieces I hadn't seen before. There are components to unconscious food habits and addictions that we've never been taught nor encouraged to explore in the...

~ Dianna Burrup

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