Carole Layton


This course is chock full of incredibly helpful tools for everyone. They are easy to learn, very applicable, and will definitely change your relationship with your SELF and with food. It's better than therapy, and more than a nutrition course. You will graduate from the workshop feeling empowered to make better choices by getting in tune with your emotional needs and stop using food to meet those needs. Next class begins on Tuesday, May 12th 7 weeks in a row 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. PST via ZOOM registration @

Like many, I have struggled with my relationship with food, my self, and my body since I was a teenager. Taking this class helped me to recognize how I was using/abusing food to meet my emotional needs. I use the tools and lessons in this workshop on a regular basis and teach them to my private clients and clinic patients. As a veteran professional educator and nutritional therapy practitioner, I feel comfortable and confident in my ability to not only instruct, but to engage and guide my students in thoughtful and respectful dialog.
TUMWATER, Washington 98501
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