Carrie Reilly

825 Monroe Street # 2A
Eugene, Oregon 97405

The missing piece to popular diet trends that focus on short term goals often ending in yo-yo dieting. It takes the shame and guilt out of eating while addressing the stories we tell ourselves with the intention of shifting beliefs to a more positive mind set that ends with us being finally free of habits that no longer serve us.

I am a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Oregon and an Advanced Spiritual Response Technique Practitioner. I earned my Masters degree in Spanish Literature from the University of Arkansas and am able to intuitively read the body’s stories in a multi-sensory way. I earned Reiki Master level through a mentorship program with Energy Intuitive, Susan Tate while here in Eugene and for the past twenty years have been teaching and practicing in my field. I look at client health not only from a physical perspective, but from emotional, mental, and spiritual perspectives as well. I always turn to nature and food as medicine first. Mental health in particular is an important part of my practice in helping people to connect foods to moods so that they can live a happier, more balanced life. Both the healing arts and teaching arts have always been an integral part of my work.

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