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Since I Founded Finally Free I have grown exponentially. I have learned the beauty of collaboration, co-creation and am using my superpowers to reflect beauty, ease suffering and create a platform for self realization and unconditional love so we all can ALL experience the beauty and majesty that is who we are.

Author of “Good Decisions… Most of the Time,” Danielle founded a wellness center in 1994 and has worked in the health care field for over two decades. She sold her company and launched Good Decisions Finally Free™ in 2020 with the vision to: Provide a foundational platform of self-awareness and unconditional love. Use our relationship with food and ourselves as a vehicle for self-discovery and transformation. Help others discover who they are beyond negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and untrue stories. She currently teaches other nutrition practitioners how to teach intuitive eating and empowerment workshops, and coaches them on how to start and grow their perfect practice. She hopes to elevate global consciousness and evolve how we relate to food and our bodies.
15965 NE 85th St ste 102
Redmond, Washington 98052
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