Susan Rachouh

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP)
Cliffside ParkNew Jersey
Susan Rachouh Nutritional Solutions
Cliffside Park, New Jersey 07010

I truly believe this will be a game changer for my nutritional business. I have been impacted by emotional eating myself and the tools in Finally Free really can set someone free from the cycle of trying to fulfill ourselves emotionally through food. It has already helped me with some of my triggers and I look forward to teaching it in the coming weeks and adding a new testimonial with even more sharing from my participants. Dani has outdone herself!

Susan Rachouh began her journey toward health after a health crisis in 2012. Working with her health practitioners, Susan began to take charge of her health through eating nutrient dense, properly prepared foods as well as supplements, yet food sensitivities and food reactions were still occurring. These symptoms led her to do her own research, joining numerous online nutrition and holistic health related groups. After cutting out foods that inflammed her, Susan lost 60 pounds. She talked about food and nutrition so much that her friends and family said, "Why don't you study this and start a second career as a side business?" And that's exactly what she did. Susan Rachouh Nutritional Therapy was formed in 2017. After both of her parents had major life challenges in 2018, Susan began to eat to soothe her stress. She regained 25 pounds and thanks to Finally Free, she has a handle on what she needs to do to set herself free, as well as her clients. Work with someone who understands what it means to be an emotional eater and how to overcome it.

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